About our farm and me

I’ve been gardening since I was a little girl starting with a row of zinnias in my family’s large vegetable garden. Decades later, I still get a thrill from planting seeds and watching new life start. I grow more than 250 varieties of flowers and foliage on about ½ acre of our 18 acre property in Oregon’s Hood River Valley near the Columbia River Gorge.  I love experimenting and can’t resist a new beautiful or unusual plant. I also forage in our woodland for seasonal beauties like mock orange, flowering currants and columbine. Our focus on diverse and native plants helps our wedding flowers and bouquet subscriptions stand apart.

We grow our flowers sustainably to make our farm, its soils and wildlife healthier over time. We rely on compost, cover crops and natural fertilizers like chicken manure and seaweed extract and employ no-till production techniques. Our flowers fields are abuzz with bees and other beneficial insects.

We’re so grateful for our customers’ interest in locally grown flowers. 80% of the flowers sold in this country are imported, most arrive by plane from South America. As concerns about climate change rise, many people have decided to reduce the transportation footprint of flowers by sourcing as locally as possible. It’s also reassuring to know that our flowers are free from synthetic pesticides and fertilizers.

Even though it’s my name on the business, Heather’s Flower Farm is a family affair. Our daughter Lottie is a cheerful and efficient field hand and flower arranger and son Jake is great for digging holes and moving yards of compost. My husband Ben builds coolers, sheds and most anything the farm needs.

Thank you for supporting Hood River grown flowers. Feel free to contact me by email or phone (541)- 490-5225.

Heather Staten