Flower Subscriptions 

Flower Subscriptions: Happiness Delivered

We offer weekly bouquet subscriptions based on the Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) system that is popular for vegetable farmers. A member buys a subscription before the growing season starts then your payment helps our farm buy seeds, plants and supplies for the coming year.

In return for your investment, you’ll receive a large weekly bouquet delivered in a covid-safe way to your home or business. We love variety, so you get variety! We design the bouquets so that every week has a different feel and color palette inspired by what’s blooming in our fields. Our flowers are grown without synthetic chemicals and are vibrantly fresh, often picked the same morning your flowers are delivered.

Bouquet subscriptions are lovely gifts for the flower lovers in your life – it’s like giving them a new present every week.

We also offer a subscription for seasonal arrangements in a vase delivered to your home or business monthly and create single floral arrangements for gifts or special occasions delivered in Hood River – find out more. 

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Kind words from our customers:

“Heather’s weekly flower delivery just might be the absolute best thing about 2020. Each bouquet is unique, fresh, stunning. They are full of variety and frequently last long enough to have two bouquets in the house. I will be so sad when this year’s subscription is over, but it will give me something to look forward to for Spring of 2021!” – Sarah K.

“Heather’s Flowers are out of this world. The variety of flowers she grows make for bouquets that are as unique as they are stunning. What’s more, the flowers from her farm last FOREVER. I am astounded at the beauty she is able to create!” – Sami S.

“Each bouquet is unique to the blooming season.  I received this subscription for flowers each week as a gift. This present has given me months of pleasure!” – Kristi V.