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Sonatini Miniature Amaryllis

We’re excited to bring you a new amaryllis* for winter and summer enjoyment. These Sonatini amaryllis are a cross developed by Dutch breeders between the normal tender bulbs you see blooming indoors in winter and a hardier variety. So you can force the bulbs now for winter enjoyment, and then after they bloom, plant them in your garden next Spring where they will be reliable perennials that come back every year in horticultural zones 7-10 and even zone 6 in sheltered locations (most of the Hood River Valley is zone 7, Parkdale is zone 6). Once in your garden they’ll bloom in the summer rather than winter. They make excellent cut flowers if you can bear to cut them.

The Sonatini are smaller than traditional amaryllis but have lots of flower power – they will grow 12-16 inches tall and each stem will have multiple flowers. Plant them in small individual pots or cluster three or more together in a single pot for big impact. They take about 6-8 weeks from planting to bloom indoors to brighten those dark January days.

We are selling in bags of 3 bulbs.  We are offering Balentino (vibrant red flowers with white throats) and Alaska (double white flowers). Please indicate your color choices when ordering.

We will deliver to addresses in our service area (City of Hood River and nearby). Each bag will include detailed growing instructions.

*While commonly known as “Amaryllis” their botanical name is actually Hippeastrum.

Bags of 3 bulbs
List # of each color